Washing machine

Repair Center Mumbai in the market, fixes a wide exhibit of Top Loading Washing Machine /Laundry Machines and Dryer. To know more about us you can visit our.

You can rely upon us for a fast, simple and successful local service don’t wait for a unit it’s too late. A clothes washer is a significant unit in giving generally solace and productivity in your family unit errands. Sadly, numerous individuals take advantage of a clothes washer for conceded until they separate. From heaps of unwashed garments, not having a particular clean suit when you most need it to disagreeable family dissensions, a separate clothes washer can undoubtedly make an invasion of stressing issues. Attempting to manage a bombed apparatus all alone may cause more chaos and upheaval. The best alternative is to bring in assistance from industry recognized  specialists who give clothes washer fix in Mumbai. We are only a consider away from giving you a superbly working home machine and turning request and commonality to your ordinary work. 


A microwave is a genuinely necessary comfort when you require food which needs to be heated quickly & consumed.

Is your cooking apparatus breakdown and exasperating you? So you have not grieved customer solution center specialized services is an excellent repair to fix your cooking machine. We have experts represent considerable authority in broken micro-oven and maintenance. On the off chance that you are searching for a dependable group of nearby architects to give an expert gear fix administration, don’t anticipate the client focus arrangement. We give a wide scope of a cooking machine and all real, model and high road brands for quick and effective fix and service. Whatever microwave service is required, you can make certain that our services has an answer. Call us today to get free from your problems.


Master Refrigerator Repair We’re in your neighborhood and we’ll fix it, regardless of where you got it.To know more about us you can visit our Services page.

Residents throughout the Mumbai city have been relying on Customer Solution Center to provide quick and friendly Refrigerator or fridge repair in Mumbai. The Refrigerator is advice through which we can keep the water cool in the summer and keep food cold and fresh. Your best partner for repairing in Mumbai is customer center solution. Someone does not like it when due to unexpected breakdown, the spiracles stocked in the refrigerator have to be thrown out and when the repairman take a lot of time to fix the refrigerator. Our specialists know the fix of all brands of Refrigerator. So, it is very possible that we will not have any problem with repairing your Refrigerators. Call us today and whatever is in your Refrigerator, converse with us and our master will fix it. Refrigerator repair in Mumbai.

Cloth Drayer

A dryer is a typical home machine and in some cases it might need to fix. Dryers can rapidly dry garments, making them a significant machine in your home.To know more about us you can visit our Services page. 

Customer Solution Center is the best choice to fix your garments Dryer. A messed up dryer can be extremely exasperating, particularly when you are wanting to go on a trek with the occasions. We have experts represent considerable authority in garments dryer fix Mumbai. Despite any issues in your dryer Customer Solution Center one of the most confided in services for clothes Dryer.

Our group incorporating the best experts in the field and they are authorized, prepared and prepared for specialized capability. You don’t need to keep your gadget anyplace. Our organization’s laborers to your home and deal with fixing the clothes Dryer.

Our experts can fix numerous sorts of issues like :

  • Too hot 
  • Noisy dryer 
  • No heat 

Whatever clothes Dryer is required, you can make certain that our organization has an answer. Call us today to find solution for all your problems.

Dish Washer

We are master in Dish Washer Repairing in Mumbai. Our service cost the least contrasted with the other repair services. To know more about us you can visit our Services page. 

Dishwasher, for the most part, keeps running for a long time since they are truly sturdy. Yet in addition with customary support, yet despite this, the dishwasher gets harmed ordinarily. We specialized services is here to fix your dishwasher. Customer Solution Center is your best accomplice for dishwasher fix in Mumbai. A wrecked dishwasher can make you upset, particularly when you are intending to welcome a lot of visitors for the occasion.

We can take care of issues and past the issue of power. Some normal issue with dishwasher is.

  • Not starting
  • Mistake code 
  • Door not opening

Make the best arrangement with your dishwasher fix service in the Customer Solution Center in Mumbai.

On the off chance that your dishwasher needs fixing don’t squander your time Just call us If your dishwasher is confronting a lot more issues, at that point our organization Customer Solution Center is the best choice for you to fix your dishwasher in Mumbai.

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